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Give employees a voice and increase their engagement with the Pulser Comprehensive Questionnaire

Measuring ESI-a (Employee Satisfaction Index) and employee loyalty using the eNPS method with questions on a scale from 0 to 10
Measuring 9 categories of satisfaction with statements on a scale from 1 to 4
A total of 74 questions with the possibility of asking additional questions, departments or locations
It is possible to enter comments on each claim/question and on the entire research
Activation of demographic questions as desired
The complete anonymity of the respondents is ensured
Less than 10 minutes needed to solve

With the Pulser questionnaire, it's easy to get real data about general satisfaction, engagement and motivation factors of employees

Online filling

  • Access via codes
  • Available on all devices 24/7

Pen & paper

  • Printed questionnaires are delivered to the user who distributes them to employees
  • Employees insert completed questionnaires into ballot boxes that are returned to the service provider

The questionnaire is understandable and simple and covers 9 categories of satisfaction

Challenging work tasks
Involvement in decision-making
Support from superior
Commitment to work
Labour organization
Work conditions
Communication in the company
Personal growth and development

Your ally to create maximum employee satisfaction

- because they are your strength!